Adidas intelligent running shoes ?

Question:is this item for real ? computer chip that control amount of cushioning ? zzzzzz

i don;t believe it...


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Well, it's perfectly true that that shoe is ADIDAS's new one with the microprocessor used to control cushioning. The link I have as a source will bring up ADIDAS's website for it.

While it is what it says it is, I'm with you on doubting it. It's unlikely that it can actually do very much for you, and seeing as those are shoes on ebay, for all you know the processor is broken in that pair. Questionable at best.

Still though, such shoes do exist.

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i wouldnt waste my money on it.

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yea it does work cuz my friend owns a pair, it just lets air in and out of the cushion but i wouldn't waste my money on it since i think its as good or worse as any other shoe, it just costs more...
if u want a good running shoe, u should get a adidas supernova cushion which costs less, is lighter, looks way better, and has very good traction :)

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