Bowerman's shoes.?

i know bill bowerman made the bottoms of the shoes from his wifes waffle iron. but what did he use for the material on top of that and where or how did he get the rubber. did he just pour it on the iron?


Anyone run hurdles?

Screw! Maybe someone should shove the waffle iron up your a*s! If you have any intention of trying and making those shoes I will have to laugh. He got the rubber from rubber trees in Brazil or some country similar to that. He had the rubber in sheets and he put it in the iron. Then the whole sheet bore the waffle appearance. Then, he just sized it down to the measurements he wanted. Go crazy on what kind of fabric you want to use. Connor is a pervert. I hope Erin slaps him. CHEA!!

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What are great track sneakers for $25-$49? THANKS! i need help!?


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I really doubt that many people can answer this question.. who knows what concoctions bill bowerman remedied to use as urethain spike rubber through much trial and error... i doubt bill dellinger or kenny moore would even know the answer to this

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He co founded nike
Nike has the bowerman series going right now for track spikes. You dont have to do this.

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