Are my track uniform shorts supposed to be so short?

I just got my track uniform since I'm going to be starting track in my high school for the first time, I'm in 9th grade. Are they really supposed to be this short? They are showing a LOT of leg and extremely short. definintely not something I'm used to... Did I end up with the wrong thing or something? I don't want to get stares. It's going to feel funny having all those people who come to track meets seeing that much leg on me...


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yea but you feel that uncomfortable, consider getting compression shorts. ask your coach about rules regarding this though, each state has different rules about color and length and such of these shorts.

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No you did not end up with the wrong thing, unless things don't want to stay where intended. They are short to reduce friction and ease of movement. I guess if you're so concious of how short the are talk with the coach or athletic store and see if you can get them a little longer, not much though, don't want to get tangled in excess material and go for a tumble that would probably be more embarassing than showing too much leg. Besides if you excell in track nobody is going to be looking at your legs. Relax.

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Don't worry- you and everyone else will be wearing the same shorts. Here's some insight as well- they will probably be even shorter if you end up running in college! I ran college and my uniform was basically a swimsuit- and yes, I'm talking about cross country and track. It's the style of running. You'll get used to it- you wouldn't want long shorts because they would bother you when you ran; especially if you were trying to do hurdles! If you're super uncomfortable, wear a pair of bike shorts under them. You'll be outside so much with track season too that eventually your legs will tan that 'white part' that I'm sure you have- all guys do..don't be embarrassed. No one will notice when you're running fast on the track!

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C'mon man, nothing wrong with the short shorts!

On my track team, most of the guys wore longer shorts, as long as they were black (our color). Plus, you can wear spandex underneath them.

I never wore longer shorts, but I would wear the spandex when it was cold out. I mean, how often do you get to wear cool short-shorts without getting strange looks? (you won't get strange looks when you wear them for track.)

And by the way, nobody comes to track meets except parents.

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Yes, they are supposed to be that short; no, no one will care. Everyone else will be wearing the same shorts, and complaining about it; you just learn how to deal. It's a runner thing. Besides, who ever picked out those shorts did it for a reason; high school athletics have to follow a certain uniform code, and while short shorts are not actually part of the code, they fit the uniform requirements.

If you're truly that uncomfortable about it, I'd go get a pair of bike shorts or compression shorts to wear under them-as long as they're either black, or match the color of your shorts, there shouldn't be a problem with uniform regulations.

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great fit! they should show WAY more than you are comfortable with.

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yes. evreyone wears them. they greatly increase range of motion while reducing dead weight.

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dont worry all running shorts are short. besides if u got good legs like me they look good.

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Hey man, I understand! I'm a girl who runs track and I just started last year. We have to wear brief things that look like underwear, which is awkward for us too. You guys have to wear short shorts, but it's just for your race, and when you're running or doing your event, you completely forget about it. And then when your event is done, you can put your normal length shorts back on. It's no big deal. All the guys have to wear them. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. I got used to wearing the briefs. And it's not that bad seeing that much of guys' legs. ;) Good luck and have a good season!

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YEAH there suppost to be short, mine are like 5 inches off my waist. If you dont like your legs showing like skin. Get underarmor legs so that it doesnt show, and it looks tight to pzzz good luck..

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