Anyone use nike plus? do you like it?

Question:anyone use nike+ shoes? how is the system? is it worth buying the kit and getting the shoes? (i already have a nano and i've been wearing nike runners for years).


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If you are in the market for new running shoes anyways, it is a fun thing to have. I've got it, I was buying new shoes anyways, I would not have gone out to buy it if I had perfectly fine shoes. It is easy to use, and pretty accurate, as far as distances are concerned, but it is more of a fun toy, not a necessity. It is nice to have a way to record all of my runs. I reccomend it, 30 bucks is worth a record of my runs and a bit of encouragement while I'm running.

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they are gr8. go to to get more info!

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I don't have it, but i have used it, and it's accurate if thats what you're thinking. You can call it convenient, but i'd rather not spend the money fot it. i just figure out how far I ran online (USATF-americas running routes) But if you really just don't feel like figuring out how long your routes are on there, or you just want to have music and timing/distance measuring all in one, just get it..

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I'd say buy the kit and a shoe pocket (like the one from Nathan: ) and put that sensor on whatever shoe from whatever brand that works best for YOU.

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