Can you get addicted to running? Is it bad?

I have been running for a couple months now and feel like I have to run if not I get down and out or upset at my body because my knee hurts. Is it possible to get addicted and is it bad??


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You can get addicted, because when you run your body releases endorphins. Your very own, natural happy drug. Very addictive, but also very good for you. The only down side to running is the impact on your joints, and if you are complaining about sore knees then you should try find another cardio workout that has less impact, but still gets the endorphins going.

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you can get addicted.just make sure you eat enough and keep hydrated. i heard i CAN be bad, but if you feel healthy you shud be ok. just ask your doctor not !

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If this is a concern, find someone who can honestly monitor your running schedule. This could be a friend, trainer, teacher, etc. If you are hurting your body when you run then, yes, it is a problem.
For a more even exercise routine alternate running with other activites like bike riding, rowing or swimming

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Running can be addicting. If you are having problems running on the road, sidewalk, etc. try running on a treadmill or at a local high school that has an all-weather track surface, it helps when my knee is acting out. Those types of surfaces are usually a little more forgiving and easier on the body than "roadwork".

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If you are training with other people, then there is a social aspect to running that keeps you interested in it. If you get injured and can't run, you may feel left out from the rest of your group. You can alleviate this by meeting with your group during training and helping them out in other ways, like timing them, etc...

Be patient with your injury and educate yourself about how to best treat it. Cross train to stay in shape until you are ready to run again.

Running is a very important element of many people's lives, but as with anything, it's not an "addiction" unless it negatively impacts their health, work, or relationships with friends and family. Be aware of this and you should be fine.

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Running is an addiction, but it's a good addiction. :-) Your body releases endorphins when you run, which give you that feeling of being "high". As far as your knee problem is concerned, you should evaluate your choice of footwear as well. Go to a store with a sales staff that specializes in running; they'll most likely watch you run and analyze the way your foot hits the ground. They'd then make recommendations from there. I was wearing the wrong shoes for a long time, which caused me to have knee problems. When I bought the right shoes, I was fine. :-) In the mean time to nurse your injury and maintain your fitness, try some low-impact cardio like the Stairmaster or the elliptical. Best of luck!

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Yes, you can get addicted. Running can give you that "high," by raising endorphins in your brain. so you can, in fact crave it.

People get addicted if they have weight loss issues and are obsessed with their weight. They work out too frequently and don't eat well. As long as you know when to take it easy, if you are injured, etc. It is not bad.

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I'm a runner. And I'm defiantly addicted. If I miss out on a run one day I guilt trip and have to make up for it the next. But like one of the other answers said, if your hurting from running you should ask your doctor about it, but as long as your not hurting and you eat right and lead a healthy life you should be fine.

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Running is absolutely addicting! I had the same experience when I joined cross country. I'd never run, but by the end of the season I was an addict! The "runner's high" of endorphins definately contributes to this. If you're getting pains, DON'T ignore them. Try backing off on your workouts, alternating a day of running with a day of cross-training, to give your knees a break. Biking is a very good alternative. Whether you use a stationary or real bike, it works the same muscle groups as running and your endurance as well, but puts less strain on your legs. If the pain doesn't go away get it checked, you're better safe than sorry.

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Don't worry i went through the same thing. I wouldn't call it addicted i would just say its an over excitement to feel that you need to run or you will lose shape and be to hyped up. I wouldn't call it addicted because it is not a case where it is difficult to get unaddicted. i didn't run for a while because it was way to cold of weather and i became lazy but trust me it is not a bad thing if it makes you feel good then go for it. It is the best feeling to succeed at something and enjoy something that other people would consider punishment. I don't know i feel clean in a sense after i run. Plus i wish it would warm up so i can get "addicted" or over excited to run again.

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I am 59-yr-old and been running regularly average 3 times-a-wk, occasionally may not able to run in a week because of work load. I've been jogging since my school days.
To me it is a habit not an addict, and is a very healthy habit that I don't want to loose or trade with other sport. But I've not participated in any half marathon (except 10km or 15km run only) because it is too strenuous for my body and muscle. Nevertheless, if anybody at my age can run or jog 10km in 45 minutes without feeling exhausted at the end and can do 50 times push-up,is considered very good. I felt that it is an achievement not due to addict to keep me continue on and on, if I stop it ; then all my previous effort , all the years that I 've endured in achieving the goal that gradually built up to this level will come to complete wasted, It requires years to build up but few days to stop it, that why I do not want to loose it, it is not an addicted. It is a personal conviction to commit it forever to healthy body and healthy mind

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You are moving into a realm of imbalance. Why do I say this?: because you are getting upset; and upset at your own body of all things ! This is unwarranted and can lead to certain dangers if you continue to run.

'That' is what is bad, more than a supposed addiction. Your knee is hurting because you are not heeding the signals that come from out of the native wisdom of your own body. It is on line but you are not. You are not listening to it.

That you wish to run is actually a good sign; your imbalance and your getting upset is the bad of it, see?

If you continue to import anger in your running, then you may wind up inflicting certain harm upon yourself, for you will have shut down the very force on which you and your running depends.

It is not solely your body out there running. We each are considerably complex systems, linked in to much more than simple physical bodies and do require heeding from much more integral sources.

Don't get campy with yourself. Abide your body's warning signals. Among many things, running is to help alleviate unruly emotions, not enhance them.

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It is entirely too possible to get addicted to running for several reasons-one is the one you're describing, the other is for fitness reasons. Your reason is entirely healthy-I mean, who doesn't feel good after a good run? Just make sure you're eating enough to keep up the energy levels, stretching when you need to, and not running yourself so hard that you're exhausted.

I'm so addicted to job has lately prevented me from running after school, and the mental pain from not running is starting to catch up...I can't wait until track truly starts (or until I quit my job, whichever comes first.) :)

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Ive, been addicted to running for 25 years and the only thing bad is if you don't allow a rest day during the week so let your muscle recover and if your hurting your body is trying to tell you something and if you don't you maybe hanging up the running shoes for a while with a serious injury and with knees it could be a long time

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