Are air max 360 good for short distance runner?

Question:I join track this month and I am a short distance runner also a basketball player.
I prefer nike brand and adidas, so are those air max 360 good for me? or should I get others ? any suggestion ?


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Air cushioned design shoes are means to absorb the body weight impact when your legs land on the ground to soften and lessen the bones ligament damage in long distance running (or prolonged hours) as claimed by shoe designers.
In long distance running, you will notice that these runners can run smoothly without panting like a dog, they are just cruise along with their paces. Their strides are even and uniform, they do not need to land heavily as in 100-meter dash. The shoes with air cushion sole will definately help to preserve more energy and retain their momentum and reduce bone/muscle/ligament damage in the long hours of running.
But landing softly will never give you the speed when you need it to overtake and beat the clock. you need a hard surface contact to grip the earth and pin-pointed your weight to lift your body to move faster, you need to strike the ground hard and fast to get the reaction to propell u out ( remenber the theory In your school science?: every action there is a reaction). As such, air cushioned shoes may not be the right one for short distance runner. In fact, to me a simple rubber sole shoe is just fine for me for a 100-meter dash)

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I am also a bball player and i tried on the airmax 360 shoes in a basketball form and found them to be very tight and uncomfortable so i would assume they may be uncomfortable but i have never tried a running style

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The Nike Air Max 360 is NOT the proper running shoe for a short distance runner! First of all it's entirely too heavy (about 13 0z.) and it's essentially for longer distance oriented training. Consider going to a local running specialty store and consider a light weight training shoe from Asics, Adidas or Mizuno. No need to spend over $90 for a good one and I would recommend: Asics DS Trainer X! or Mizuno Elixir 2. Let an experienced running store person give you some solid options. Forget a fashion statement and get a running shoe that is Best suited for your actual short distance training.

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you should look for the brand "asics" they are really good

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