Bad at running, can I train myself for Marathon?

Question:I'm 26, healthy. now I can only run 2 miles non stop on a running machine, much less if I run outside.

I'm thinking about training myself for marathon, at least half.

my question is : Can anyone (healthy) be trained to run Marathon? esp. for a totally beginner like me?


What Should I do??

Training for a marathon is very hard. It requires upwards of 50-100 miles a week, which would include 20 mile runs in one day. Getting to a marathon for someone like you would take around two years of effort. However, it's not always good to set your goals too high. Consider starting lower. A good goal would be local weekend 5k (3.1 mile) fun runs. Many people run at these, and they can be fun for all. Expect a time of about 28-40 minutes. Starting at 5k level also means less training involved. For a 5k, consider running about 10-20 miles a week, including the 5k. Once you train, your times will go up 5-10 minutes, and possibly more.

From the 5k, you should try to run a 10k (6.2 miles). Try this after about 4-5 months of 5k runs. This is a harder race for more serious runners. A good first 10k time is about 1 hour. For training, try 20-30 miles a week (if you can't, continue running at your 5k training mileage).

Now, after about 5 months of 5 and 10k runs, you are probably feeling pretty good. You might think "Hmm, maybe a marathon isn't that far away after all." Wrong. You still have over a year of training to do before the big marathon. You need to start doing half marathons (13.1 miles) and other long distance runners. You need to now start your 40-60 mile a week training, including at least one 20 or so mile run a week.

After doing 5k, 10k, half marathon and longer runs for about a year, look for marathons in your area. Try to find one happening soon. The night before, hydrate a lot, and eat fruits and vegetables. Also, carb load by eating lots of bread and other grains. Whatever you do, don't eat too much. Get a good nights sleep, and prepare yourself mentally.

On the day of the race, eat a small amount of carbs, and drink lots of water. You can use the bathroom along the route. Bring bottles of water in a back mounted water carrier, or something similar. Know the course and its hazards, and be ready. While doing the marathon, pace yourself. Expect a 3-4 hour time. After the race, congratulate yourself, because you have just acomplished a big goal. If you liked it, continue running. 5k and 10k runs are the best to do. Consider joining a local running club. Who knows, you may be the new face of running for the world?

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anything's possible if you really have heart and real control of your mind. these combine to polish your self discipline.

you seem to have the physical attributes. although i would consult with an expert at physical excursion to fine tune your work out regimen and consult with a doctor to monitor your body as an assurance that nothing will go wrong.Yeah?

you have my admiration and good wishes in your endeavour.

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if you want to you can although it is alot harder if you are doing it on your should begin by slowly building up your distances. this website is great for beginners and should help with working out your own training schedule

good luck

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you can giveit a try man

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Of course!

You will need to run outside, and work your way up to 26.2 miles (or 13.1).

I would highly suggest that you run with a group, though. They motivate you and push you on your bad days.

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With enough dedication and willpower you can do it. Just start training daily. If you can do 2 miles now, start there. Soon, you'll be able to go farther, then gradually work your way up. But don't run the full marathon distance until the day of the race. Maybe 15-18 miles should be your longest training run a week or so before the race. You'll be in good enough shape by then to complete the marathon, it's mostly psychological at that point. After training for a few months, maybe try a few shorter races in your area, that will help you judge your progress and boost your confidence. Good Luck!

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