Best in soles to get for running?

Question:i have nike dual d running shoes that are brand new. when i run in them, i ususally go on the sidewalks or the streets but my heels and middle bottom of my feet start hurting. its like that with most of my running shoes. what are the best in soles to get or any other solution.

im not a hardcore runner, just want to bea able to run without my feet hurting, and i know how to run correctly...


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that's probably a problem with the shoe.
you should go to a specialty running store and have them fit you. if you do, bring your old running shoes because the wear patterns help determine what kind of shoe you need.

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Usually when a shoe hurts you foot when it is new, it means the shoe is not right for you. if your heel and foot are hurting then you may need a more cushioning shoe, the one you have maybe to stiff.

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Go to a specialty running store and have them give you a proper fit. Contact your local running club for a recommendation on the store. It sounds like you have injured your plantar and are dealing with early stages of Plantar Fasciitis. Don't let it go. It can become a lifelong nuisance.

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