Any track people out there?

I am on the track team for my school this year. I am trying to beat the school record for the 800 meters. Does anybody have a practice routine I could use to get better and make it possible to reach my goal?


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first, jog about 400 m, (make sure you jog, don't run, or youll become instantly tired)
then, stretch for about 5-10 minutes.
take a drink.
run a 3 sets of 400m. (don't outrun yourself, only run 70% of how you'd run in a meet).
take a drink.
run 800m.(80% of full capable speed)
rest for only one minute
run another 800m.
stretch for 5-10 minutes

and you're done.

somedays, also try to run a mile or two. it'll help build strength.

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mmm just make sure you are working out everyday and continually getting better. There isn't s surefire way for you to get faster, it's just whatever works for you.

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my beast time is 2:29 as a8 grader im in 9 but offseason run about 7 miles a day if u cant do it in 1 try do 2 a days record ur miles dont do any speed work u wanna practice on endurance and lift weights

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run as fast as you can, as often as you can

How should I improve his mile and 800 time?

you should try mid-distance reps.
if you're hardcore, try 8-12 reps of 400, with about 90sec rest between or 6 reps of 800.

a really good workout is ladders from 200-1200 and back down with no double-runging. rest should be slow jogging the same distance you just ran.

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You need to work on your outright speed and 400m times.
10x400m at 90% with a minute-minute 1/2 rest inbetween would be a good workout. Do 10x100 at 100% for outright speed. You should also have some decent endurance, so if you don't have that already condition yourself until you can run 6 miles with ease. The 800 is a brutal race...good luck.

How to train for 800 meter run?

you must make a time table for your practice.
it is better to take advises by a perfect coach
firs you must do the jogging about 30 minits
then follow some exercises from warmup -cooldoun
take a friend with you
he can meassure your time
so keep going

How do I run fast for 400 meters without getting too tired and have to slow down?

I run the 800 also, In past years my coach makes me run the mile about as much as I run the 800 because it helps to run the longer distance. Also, even though it's not sprints, I practice sprinting as long as I can to build up that kind of endurance.
Also work on your long strides and even though this sounds kind of stupid work on breathing deep breaths haha it does help your endurance in the long run :)

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