Best shoes for runnin' camp.?

Question:well, i'm thinkin' about goin' to runnin' camp this sumer with some of my friends.
two of them have asics& i also have a pair.
i think i need some racin' flats& some just runnin' shoes.
please help.


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Well, it depends on your arch and running style. Runners with a low arch would need shoes like the Brooks Beast (my favorite) or Asics Gel-Foundation. Runners who have normal archs could wear something lighter like the Asics DS Trainer, Asics Gel-Kayano or Brooks Addiction. Runners with high archs would need a shoe with alot of arch support and less heel support like the Asics Gel-Kinsei or Asics Gel-Nimbus. You also have to consider your price range, since the Gel-Kinsei costs around $165 and the cheapest shoe with good quality from Asics or Brooks is the DS Trainer at $100. Saucony and Mizzuno also make good shoes, but I don't really know much about them, and I'm not sure which of their shoes are motion control (low arch) or are made for high archs. Hope I helped. Oh and DON'T LISTEN to the first 2 answers, And 1 are basketball shoes, and they dont even make good basketball shoes, and new balance shoes are made for moderate runners and cross trainers not distance. Also, DaveNtemp knows what he's talking about with the two pairs for running at a camp.

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I love New Balance for two reasons, they give lots of support and they come all kinds of widths for that perfect fit.

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shoes called balance or and1 that,s the best ones. try sports checks

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go to a running store and they can find the perfect shoe for your foot and your style of running.
i went to running camp last year its a lot of fun but i hope you have another old pair you can wear if it rains

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Not sure.

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You really should have a minimum of 2 pairs for the camp. One good and reliable pair of the daily training runs and maybe another for the faster track or speed type training. The brand or model depends upon the type of runner you are and the type of foot you have. Go to local specialty running store and let Them recommend the best shoe (under $100) you need.

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A good shoe brand that i enjoy is Brooks shoes. I have the Glycerin 4 and they are very well made I have no complaints. They have both racing shoes and trail shoes. Use there shoe advisor tool to find the best shoe for you.

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