Best way to speed up Blister healing?

My blisters from long runs are taking longer to recover than my muscles. How can I speed it up. Is there any medication? I've already reduced the severity of blisters with band-aids and blister prevention anti-perspirant, but am running 15-20+ miles every Saturday and want to continue doing so.


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Wash gently with soap and water, trying not to break the skin. The fluid under a blister is
good because it protects the injured tissue from outside dirt, and also provides a sterile
healing environment. Try not to break the blister, but if it is in an area where it will get
continued friction and will be likely to break anyway, it's best to break it yourself under
clean/sterile conditions. Wash the blister gently with soap and water; use a sterile needle
and put several small holes around the bottom edges of the blister, allowing the fluid to
drain out. Absorb it with a piece of sterile gauze. Whether the blister breaks on its own or
you break it, leave the overlying skin intact as a "wet dressing." Avoid using local
anesthetic sprays or creams as they may actually slow healing. Cover with a dry, sterile
dressing. Change the bandage daily or more often and watch for signs of infection.

If you see increased redness, presence of pus (not a clear, but a yellow, thick fluid), swelling, hot
to the touch, or a red streak leading from the site, if may be infected.
here's another way(its almost the same):

Swab blister area with rubbing alcohol and let air dry.
Sterilize a needle for 10 seconds in a flame.
Puncture the edge of the blister near the skin.
Apply gentle pressure to squeeze out fluid.
Do not remove or rub off the top of the blister.
Apply antibiotic ointment, but avoid alcohol or iodine.
Cover with sterile gauze or bandage
Discard needle into sturdy plastic or metal container.
Change the gauze or bandage daily.
If pus or redness develop, seek medical attention.

Don't burn yourself in the flame - hold the needle in a tweezers or with a glove or potholder on your hand.
Sterile blister prickers are a good tool.
Small blisters do not need draining, just protect them and they will shrink and disappear.

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I had the problem in the past and used super-glue! Honestly! There is now a liquid bandage you can buy, very similar to the stuff they use in hospitals. Its great because it doesn't leave a scar (as stitches would if you had a cut and needed to go to hospital.)

When I play sport and I have a blister, though not recommended, I dab a little superglue and always solves the problem.>.

Also wear an extra pair of socks.Your skin is clearly rubbing.

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I've been told Listerine mouthwash will heal blisters. Just dab it on them 2 or 3 times a day. If you just need a cover-up get some Liquid Skin from the drugstore, it's great.

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if its full of water you are better off popping it.-get a needle and heat it under fire to sterilize--then wipe with alcohol--and pop it and drain the water.--then apply triple anti-biotic cream/gel(neosporin) to that are so that little hole u just made doesnt get infected.--this is what ive done for over 30 years and it works everytime.---now i typed all that above before i read your full question.--it still apllies.--but the further your answer you need to get your skin on your feet tougher and they wont blister.--eventually u are doing just that.--those blisters will become callouses and you wont get blisters there. u might wind up with painfull callouses though.--what might work is you need to keep your feet drier when u run and if possible change your socks during your run keep a spare pair.--or design your run that it passes your home/ car(keep spare socks /sneakers) and change them a few times during that long run.

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I use a product my band aid called blister block and they work well

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I'm a backpacker, and I know how crucial it is to have blister-free feet. Now, if you're consistently getting blisters, you probably need a better-fitting shoe, or thicker socks... That aside, use moleskin!! You can buy it in the same place as you get bandaids.. cut out a hole from the patch the size of the blister and put the patch on your foot, with the hole right where the blister is. This will let you keep training without any pain! woohoo!

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keep your feet clean and dry

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Carefully drain the blister with a sterile needle (flame/alcohol/you get the idea).

Keep the area clean after your workouts, etc.

One trick which I learned in the military was to directly apply duct tape ("100 mph tape") on the skin over the places on your foot where the "hot spots" (blisters) develop during your activities.

Don't do this on already blistered areas (it'll quite painfully rip those blisters right off ...).

Good luck, I hope this helps.

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