Can ia runner lose his fitness after a month?

iam 17 years old, i first race was in december of last year, i took a one week break before going back to training again, today i continue to run, but less these days, today i did soem intensive training, 5k, i felt faster during my training, today i went up a hill, i felt kinda slow, i ran the best i can, have i lost my fitness?



Taking off a week is actually okay. You shouldn't lose too much of your previous training. You should actaully feel more refreshed when you ran again. I wouldn't worry too much about being slow, you'll regain your strength after a week or so. Everyone has ups and downs in running, and you shouldn't beat yourself up when you are down because you'll just fall in a bigger hole. Running a mental sport. Just go out and run for fun and you'll improve naturally.

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You just need to get back into shape. It's not unusual what you're going through.

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Definitely. I did hardly anything between XC season and winter track, and I fell way behind. Running is not like other sports, where, after taking a break for a year, you can practice for a week and be as good as ever... If you don't run, you get worse. And the only way to get better is to find motivation, and push yourself to get out there and stay in shape. Run. You can regain everything you've lost.

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Its not really "losing your fitness" when you start some serious running/training your body becomes accustomed to it and your muscles build up more. when you stop for about a month, your body adapts to not running as much, and you lose some muscle in the process. you can get back up to where you were before in running, but you need to be patient with yourself, because your basically starting your training from the beginning.its gonna suck and you may hurt a little more, but give it time.

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Your fitness level is ok but you have backed off doing marathon training and traing distances so your body adjusts. Your fitness level has changed. You took a week off your first race, how long was the race?? Anything marathon and over could warrent a week off but a 10K or similar only needs a few days. You will get into the condition you want to be in if you train for that distance and/or speed. Keep it up and stay focused.

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I'm in the same position here-I'd say that about after 1/1/2 weeks, I didn't feel as strong out there running as I did before I took the time off. Now, because of my stupid job, I haven't run in almost a month, and i feel horrible-I'm all achy and stuff all the time. Parents think the job is more important than running...but I think they're wrong. Maybe I'll quit to go run :)

Anyway, you were running up a hill when you felt slower, right? Hills do take more energy, and it could have just been a bad day-we all have them. Good luck!

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