Bones in my leg hurt when I run. Advice??

Question:Yeah. So -- I started running more then usual because I wante d to improve in it. It's nothing new to me however. Well I'm trying to practice up to 5 miles -- Right now I'm practicing on two. Eventually I want to slowly work my way up. But anyways.

It's very aggravating because when I run certain bones hurt in my leg. Where you calves are -- the front bones around there really hurt. I use proper running shoes and I strectch before and after running as well. I'm not new to working out at all too. I have pretty thin bones but -- I try to take in a lot of calcium and I take chewables for calcium also (my doctor told me to do so). It's really annoying because sometimes it gets so bad that I have to quit after one mile. And it's not because I'm tired either -- But it feels like my bones are going to snap in half.

:(.I don't know what to do.


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I know exactly what you are going through.I run cross country and my average millage is about 3 and 1/2 miles and every year at the beging i get the worst shin splints! Yet thats not all...I know the perfect cure! All you do is get ice...dont wrap it any thing just rub it on your legs untill the pain goes away, every night untill you dont have pain any sometimes you will have to stop your work out to put some ice on them. Shin splints are actually very dangerous. If left untreated. They end some runners careers. I sugest you start doing something about them and soon. What happens is your muscle starts pealing away from your bone. It hurts like hell.they can be caused by not running correctly. Rember heel, outer edge of foot, toe.I hope this helps! Ive also heared you can get inserts for your shoes to help you hold your foot properly as you run. good luck

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Look up "shin splints". It sounds like you have those.

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stop running and see a doctor

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one of the things that helped me when i ran was a cream that i used to put on my thighs and legs. i forgot what the name was but if you want to try that you should ask your doctor for recommendations of what creams to use.

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(1) You should always stretch before running.
(2) Maybe you need to see your doctor.

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Yeah, it does sound like shin splints. Sounds like you have really good running shoes and stretching down- ice and massage the parts that hurt. You may need more rest time between running. Strengthening the muscles of your calves with weight training would also help. See the site below.

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The symptoms that you described are classically consistent with shin splints, which is why the others first suggested it. Although it may feel like it is your bones that are hurting, I can assure you that they are muscle pains. Shin splints are very common among runners, as is the severity of your pain, regardless of your frame size.

The best way to prevent shin splints is to do stretches for your shins. Below is a link (with pictures) that describes stretches that I am sure will make a huge difference, especially the first three.

Good luck on your continued training~!

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