So will this help to get fast twitch muscle fiber. OK do squats with 8 pound weights in each arm, do 5 sets of 10. Fast TWITCH MUSCLE FIBER is 2 make me faster in running


Hi its me agin im 14 i just ran my race and won the 400mdash in 66seconds and im a girl is that good?

No it won't help you get faster at running. The load is too light to have a great general strengthening effect. Also, no matter how fast you do them, it will not match the speed at which your muscles contract during a sprint, so it will not have a specific training effect either.

Don't worry about fast-twitch/slow-twitch, you can't really control that directly. Just focus on running faster.


If you want to get your legs strong enough to make a difference you have to do real squats with a bar and more weight and have it on your shoulders.

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yes it will but u will have to do allot of them. Dont overwork yourself in one day. Exercize every other day. Always stretch afterwards

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No. Work on contracting your muscles faster.

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no. it will make your muscles bigger and stronger, what you need to do is run with the weights. try to run 100 yards with 20 lbs and then keep building. you should eventually get to 45 in each arm and youll be explosive and very fast

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