4X100m relay times?

What are some good times in the 4x100m relay. Our relay team's ages are between 14 and 15, this is a track relay, not swimming


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No, 14-15 year olds do NOT run the 100 in 10s. The world record is barely sub-10 for an individual 100. Anyway, 14-15 year olds are looking to run a good time for JV boys, which is in the 43 second range.

Ideally at that age you have four guys that can run in the mid 11s, and getting the running starts on the handoffs puts you into the 42 or 43 range.

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its been a while for me but i think when i was running track we were right around 35-36 seconds maybe 40 like i said its been a while but you figure and avg for that age group is gonna be around a 10 sec 100m

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Its around 40 seconds but our relay team ran it in 34.50.

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A quick google search on "4x100 relay youth" yields the following:

In a meet on May 12, 2007
Waco High’s time of 40.84 seconds trails only the 40.78 set by the team from Pace, Fla., near Miami.

These are the top two times in the entire nation.

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14-15 is JV and anything under 47 seconds shows some speed and hand-off skills. Really good kids may see a 45. You get below that and you get nationally ranked in your age group and invited to Drake/Penn/Texas relays.

These indiots with the 34/35 seconds are lost- The WR is in the 38's!

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I'm in middle school and we ran the 400 and my time was 53 sec. im not sure if that's good

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