Best running shoe for supination?

I wear out my shoes on the outside corner of my heels. I used run in Asics 2110 GT's but after 3 months and 20-25 miles per week, i began experiencing pain in my right knee. I've been taking it easy on running and on the hunt for a new shoe. The sporting goods store I went to suggested a motion control shoe, I tried the Adidas Supernova Control but that seemed to cause ankle pain, doubled my knee pain and added lower back pain. How is the wear n tear on Asics? Is it normal to replace a shoe after 3 months? Any suggestions for a good cushioned running shoe? Help! I miss running!


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There are some running stores that will you try out shoes on a treadmill or even tun in the parking lot. I have found has excellent customer service , they know a lot about products and have a 30 day money back guarantee even if you have used the shoes. you can get the 800 number for the website if you want to talk to a person

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oh go asics...or saucony..theyre both great for support..and will help with the for the might not be the shoe..that could have a small impact..maybe change your running style...

Food to eat before running? is hard to give you a definitive answer without more information. What type of arches do you have?? Other than your supination, do you have any form issues?
All of these things make a difference.

I have a super high arch, and am a supinatior and the Nimbus works well for me. They last about 400 not getting 100 miles out of your shoes does not sound right.

But with the info that you have given, I would suggest looking into these:
Asics Cumulus, Nimbus or even their new $165.00 shoe Kinsei.
Mizuno Creation, Wave Rider.

Good Luck!!

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