200 Meter World record faster than the 100 Meter World Record Doubled?

How is it possible that the World Record for the 200 Meter Dash is 19.32 and the World Record for the 100 Meter Dash 9.77. If you run the 100 Meters twice at "World Record" Speed your time would be 19.54. So If you run the 200 Meter at 19.32 one of your 100 meter Splits would have to be faster than 9.77 (19.32 / 2 =9.66) Am I missing something or calculating something wrong?


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Most likely because we as humans don't reach top speed while running until quite a ways in (I belive it's around 50 meters). Once top speed is reached, it can be maintain for some time depending on how well you train. So basically, in this case, a 200m sprint is like a regular 100m, plus another 100m where you are already starting at full speed, thus making the WR 200m time better than the WR 100m time doubled.

I know that's kind of confusing, but I can't find a way to explain it much more clearly. Hope this helps.

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but 200 isnt 100 its timed for 100 and 100 is timed for 100 and actually its the 200 meter u break it cause u get faster and faster until max speed record for first part of 200 isnt 9.77 its like 9.87 but on second 100 meter its way faster hard to explain.

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The first 10 meter are the slowest. Assuming both runners run the same speed after they complete their first 10 meters, the meter/second time for the 200 meter runner will be less than the 100 meter runner.

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The way the world records are timed, there was not a camera to record michael johnson crossing the hundred meter mark. In order for him to have the 100m record from his 200m, there would have had to have been a camera there. The reason why the 200m record is faster is that it takes time to accelerate out of the blocks. In actuality, the first 100m might have been 10s and the second 100m 9.32 s. When you come out of the blocks, you are accelerating, using mainly your quadriceps. After a point, you start pulling yourself more with your hamstrings. If you watch most sprint races, at one point the runners go from leaning forward to running upright. This is where the muscle use change occurs.

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you're correct 9.77 & 19.32
the reason for this is that it takes a while for these guys to reach top speed. in the 200m you run a higher proportion of the race at top speed, so it is much quicker than starting from standing twice. these guys have the ability to keep sprinting flat out for the whole way

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It's a combination of taking time to reach top speed and the fact that any start less than .1 sec after the gunshot is a false start.

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Because the 100m includes the acceleration phase when they start out slow. They run the 100-200m of the race faster than the 0-100 because they are already going.

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100 m you are out of the blocks and accelerate to max speed at 40 m and maintain that the rest of the way.

In 200 m the max speed is held for an additional 100 m -- the second half of the 200 is faster than the first half

If 100 m runner got a running start they would drive the 100 m time below 9 seconds

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