How can I get scholarship in Norway Denmark Sweden?


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The same way you get a scholarship to anywhere else i suppose. why would scandinavia be different. just contact the place you want to go to and all that good stuff

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Find a University you would like to go to and see if they have a track or cross-country team, which ever you do, and contact the coaches. Have a scout or coach or rep talk with your current coach and let them see you do a race. Do well in your race. Show them your scholastic records as well as athletic records. Make sure you are a good student and good athlete, and contact the coaches often so they will remember your name but don't annoy them.
The most important thing about getting a scholarship is that you can showing the people who give them out you deserve it and stand out above the crowd. Not always the best athlete or smartest person gets the scholarship, its the ones they remember who put in the most effort. So do well in everything and show a school they should have you running for them.
Good Luck

I need a team name urgently!?

For Sweden: Go to the page "Scholarships" (website: Study in Sweden), . They will give you information about foreign students/researchers scholarships administered by the Swedish Institute (a government agency).
But they also give you links to information about scholarships from other organisations (non-SI scholarships):

What you need is to cover your cost for living. Tuition is almost always free.

Good luck!

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