Can i run 4km in 20 days?

right now i only run 1km without stopping.


Does anyone have running advice for beginners?

If you can only do 1km without stopping then use this plan...

Increase by a little bit each time you run. I like to do by time, not distance..So if you know 1k takes you 8 minutes..Tomorrow run for 8 minutes 30 seconds...Next day run for 9 minutes..It really adds up quickly.

Or if you want to do distance, go at a slower pace than normal...That is where a lot of people go wrong when training and beginning. If you get out of breath early on, then don't run so hard and you can go further

Is coffee good for running ?

of course if u practise

Runner's high after a run?

Yes, for SURE! I walk 4km everyday... I think you'll be able to manag running it in 20 days

How did I pull my groin muscle??

Most people walk 4 kms in a day, I used to be able to hike 10km in 1 1/2 hours.

Metal track spikes and wooden long jump board?

of course u could

What are some good, 4 by 100m relay times?

Sure, run twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night, although some people report trouble sleeping after strenuous exercise due to adrenaline. It's more important to find your pace than try to improve it. Although the first Km will seem slow the last one will be undoubtedly quicker if you can find a steady pace and settle into the rhythm for the entirety of the race.

Has any Ethiopian ever finished last in a marathon?

yes if u have so strong heart masel u can do this

I need advice on a good pair of jogging/aerobic shoes. I supinate and have wide feet...any suggestions?

of courese you can because 4km equals 4000m. so if you divide 4000 by 20 you get if you run 400m each day you will be able to complete 4km in 20 days.

I am a high school soph, and i run about a 25 to 24.8 200 meter dash how can i improve that time.?

Most people I know can run a 4K in under 45min, so I'm sure you can run it in under 20 days.

What are the best ways for someone to increase endurance?

maybe 3km but not 4km. but if you really apply yourself, maybe. but probrably you will need a month or 2.

If I want to do track, should I try Cross Country?

Yeah, of course! Just increase a little bit each day, and you should be able to do it. Good luck!

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