Can asafa powell be consider as the world greatest ever,in accordance to double world record?

world record holder over 100m



Colin Powell is simply a black man. That is all

Should i keep on running track?

Records are made to be broken my brother.

Am I injured?

I don't know about greatest ever because it is impossible to judge. Technology changes every sport and it is nearly impossible to compare runners from now and 50 years ago. First, the shoes are improved. The shoes are lighter and faster now. The training is improved, we have learned many things over the years. The tracks are also improved, we have these rubberized fast tracks now instead of dirt tracks. I think judging the greatest ever is impossible to judge but if we do judge it, i would say that the greatest ever would be the one who had their record the longest. So, i would say, only time will tell.

Improving 100m and 400m/4x400m races?

not yet he is getting there tho

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