Bad calf strain?

I strained my calf quite badly two years ago. It got better and I managed to run a marathon on it with no pain. But I still feel an aching there now when I go for a run. Is this normal and should I just ignore it or is it a sign that there is still damage? What can I do to ensure i don't sprain it again?


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What type of pain is it? where is it located? Also could it be shinsplints? I am guessing you stretch a lot already, so I wont make that suggestion, you can increase your protein intake along with other nutrients to help repair it. Also getting inserts in your shoes may help. You can change your running style, this is what helped for me, many times it is much better for your body to run more on your toes then your heals. Though if it is your muscles that is causing the problems, then this could be worse. You can take anti-inflammations and see if that helps, though I am not one for popping a lot of pills. Also try ice/heat therapy to help it heal. If it does not hurt to work it out doing things such as calf raises, maybe you can build the muscle up which well put less strain on it while running. Well I hope something else, I was just trying to through out some ideas that may help if you have not tried them yet...good luck to ya...

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your right its probably still damaged because my friend tore her muscle about 2 years ago and still isnt over it try stretcing it out

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