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I usually walk at 3.5 mph for 30-60 minutes, but I want to be able to keep up with my hubby when we run together... Today we went around the block and my chest hurt sooooo bad every time I took a breath. He tried to explain to me that my lungs aren't used to running... so, when they get more used to it, they won't hurt anymore? How long will it take if I run everyday?


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the fact that it's chilly explains it. the fact that you're just starting to run combined with that will cause the chest pain. heres what you do: just start going out and jogging on your own. keep it fairly comfortable and build the tempo as you go. once you start to feel the chest pain maybe push through it for as long as you can and then let youself stop. just keep that routine up every day and you should start to see yourself being able to go longer and longer. your body will adjust to the cold air in probably a week or 2.

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Don't run with your hubby for awhile yet. You'll push yourself too hard. Try running/jogging 2 minutes, and then walking for two minutes. Alternate walking and running for 30-60 minutes. Slowly increase the time you are running/jogging. If you feel any pain (discomfort is okay) you should back off a bit.

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the first week is the hardest running you'lll ever experience in your life.. so like a week basically. if ur chest still hurts you probably have athletic induced asthma of some sort. see a dr so u can get an inhaler for it to use BEFORE you start each day's run.

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