Catch me if you can?


Where can I find a public outdoor running track ?

Are you the flu? If you are then I'll pass.

I ran a 12.56 in 100m and 28.52 in the 200m are these good times?

Great movie. Enjoyed it. Tom hanks is class!

Why does my 200m dash not correlate at all to either my 400m or my 100m dash?

That's ok. I'm kind of too tired to chase you right now.

What should I eat the mornig and night before a 5 k. HELP!!?

I will once I get some of my work done!

Any good track sneakers under $49.99? and where to buy them?

ok.. then uv got to catch me.. HaHa... :P

erm.. no...

Do I have to be a member of the local YMCA to use their outdoor running track?

why would i want to catch you?

What is the average 40 yard dash for a 16 year old?

No thanks

Running in the cold?

where to catch?

What shoes are best for runnning/sprinting?

Can't be bothered.

Where can I find 5k and 10k race schedules for Germany?

What for..

Why is the Marathon 26.2 miles?

I don't have time to catch you...see you another day. cheers

Any mile runners living at high altitude?

D'ya know what? I really can't be a*sed.


Question about 8th grade track & field?

No, I'm too lazy.

How much weight should I gain to become a better runner?


How many minutes or hours should you run each day?

what are you on about,are you a poof.

Am I a good runner?

Great movie and great book as well.

Im in 8th grade, and my fastest mile was 6:20, and my 2 mile is 16:06, is that good?

Loved this song Catch me if you can i`m feeling down

Do u wear nike free with or without socks?

Caught you, now what??

I want to improve my 1km run time, right now its 3 minutes but i wanna go faster any tips?

No thanks - I'm trying to give up that sort of thing after my last bit of bother....

How many telephone poles..?

What's in it for me? But i reli aint bovered

Running sneakers?

Beat a marathon time of 3:39:11 then

I am a 5'8 freshman girl high jumper and can't seem to get over 4'6 what can i do to improve??

I liked it

How many sit ups & push ups can you can in 1 min?

ok bet u $10 i can in 10 seconds iam fast.

How much can I expect to improve?

I can't and i am choosing not too- I haveta work and I'm lazy

What does Tirunesh Dibaba mean to you?

to late your behind by a mile lol

Im honestly not trying to be racist but why...?

Are you Muhammed Ali the Black Superman? If you are then i'd rather not.

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