Am I injured?

today i went running outside, like i always do. but my left ankle was hurting me, not enough to stop but enough to feel pain. I always run on cement, so I tried running on the grass but it only hurt more. Also, one of my right toes was hurting, like a pull. do you think it's my shoes or am i injured? should i stop running for awhile??


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take they day off, and if the pain is still there see a doctor..

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You should put off the running for a while and see a doctor if it persists.

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don't run on grass, that'll make it worse but i don't really know if you are injured, hope you get to feelin better

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When one area hurts we often change our running motion to compensate and then we cause pain somewhere on the other side of our body. That is probably why your toe(s) hurt.

Pay attention to your body. Is there any swelling, or bruising that comes with an ankle sprain? Your best bet is to RICE - Rest, Ice, Compress, & Elevate for a day or two without running and then test it a little bit and do the RICE again after you run. Don't ice too long at one time- 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off a few times for one sitting.

I wouldn't guess your shoes were the problem unless they are new. An anti inflammatory (ibuprofen) would help too, just don't take many for very long.

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It's probably your shoes that caused an injury. Running on cement doesn't really help. Ice/heat it immediatly and get it checked to prevent furthur damage.

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That's a true sign that you need new shoes.

I get knee pain not ankle pain.

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you should consult an orthipedic doctor. they will give a good brace, pr lateral heel wedges or something.

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Sounds like you have a strain. Was there any swelling around the area of pain? I would rest for a day or two and just walk. See how it feels. I would also stop running on concrete for awhile. That could give you calve cramps and might affect your ankles, too. Make sure you drink plenty of water before you run. That way you won't get dehydrated. Dehydration definitely causes leg cramps. Lay up for a few days, take it easy, then ease back into it, off the cement.

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try wearing a ankle brace

soak you foot in hot water for about 5 minutes just set on the sofa with you foot propped up don't move it
then walk if the pain is gone you can go back to running

if the pain continues try the process again

if you still have pain try a x ray

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I'm surprised about how you dont have shin splits from running on the pavement all the time, rest up and heal , then get some new shoes and try running on different terrains other than that cement pavement, like a trail or on a track...

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Well i know that if you don't strech well enough then you could hav cramps.Also see how long the pian persists.If its stays for more than 1 week you should see a docter

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