Any ideas on how to run farther and faster?

I just started running and am really enjoying it however I would like to be able to run farther and faster any ideas on how to do that? I have been doing about 4-5 miles on days where I have more time and 3.1 (5k) on mosts days. On days where I don't have a lot of time I would like to run my 5k faster and on days where I have more time I would like to run farther. Any other tips for a beginner runner would be great as well.



keep a log. A wall calendar, a journal, a pocket calendar. Note hte mileage and type of mileage each day and keep weekly and year-to-date totals.
What you are starting to do is good -- variety. A longer run when you have time and a fasterpaced training run when you are pressed for time. Cuddos for not blowing off your run when you don't have a lot of time in your schedule. Basically pick a day like Sunday a.m. to do a longer run. Increase the distance each week and then on Monday/Tuesday go shorter to recover. Try to gradually increase your weekly total by 3-5 miles each week. But avoid the numbers game where you feel you have-to have-to put in a certain number of miles on a certain day. Listen to your body, and your brain and take it easy on yourself if you have to.

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Train everyday. Listen to music while you run to help the mental aspect of it. Chew ginger root to help the phlem buildup; Cleans it right out. Have fun with it. Go places (cross country woods) with beautiful scenery.

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Condition training and lots of it. Running with a little extra weight can help you condition to run faster.

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.you will need to build up your endurance..each time run a little faster and futher.

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Run with ankle weights for about a month to two consistently. ( Not to heavy ).
Once you take them of you will see a huge difference in your times.

Drinking water as much as possible is key during this proses.

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What you need to do is interval training to run faster and build up to run farther. Interval training involves building speed work into your run. You can do it for any distance or time. I do a lot of road running versus track running, so I usually go for time, where (after my warm-up), I will sprint for 1 minute, then do a light recovery run/jog for 2 minutes, then another sprint for a minute..just work your way up gradually and increase by 10,15,30 seconds each time you do speed work. For example today do 1 minute sprints, followed by 2 minute recoveries, tomorrow (or next run) do 1:10 sprints, then 1:50 recoveries. If on a track, then run splits starting at 100, then jog for 200 and apply the same concept I just used, so tomorrow do 150, jog 200, etc

This will help you run faster and farther, but the easiest way to run right, don't run as hard on your long runs, properly stretch, obviously work up to it, but when you think you can't go any further..stop for a minute, stretch, then keep going again

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Whatever you do, DON'T use ankle weights. They completely mess up your stride.

Whats should i do.?

Run down hill.

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