Can any shoe be made into a nike+ shoe?

I was wondering if any shoe could have a slot cut out to put a nike+ chip into it and have it work. I was wondering, because I prefer Asics over Nike.


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Don't cut your shoes. Attached the transducer to your laces, or lodge it under your laces.

I have several friends with the Nike+ system, who use other shoes. It's much better to wear the right shoe for your feet, than to buy a pair just for the color, or the fact that they have a hole in the midsole.

Don't ruin your own shoes to put the transducer inside the shoe, it won't work any better, but your shoe will work less effectively and you'll be more prone to injury.

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Exact same topic posted on this page with 7 answers- but it was giving mixed opions about it... so people thought you could use it outside of Nike by attaching to shoestring and others said it won't work @ all. I just basically summarized it but the entire answers are already a topic.

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