Best way to run a 5k that starts with a steep uphill?

Albany NY last run starts on a hill, and goes up a few hundred yards, then is relatively flat until the end, when it comes down the same hill. How do I pace myself?


What is the best way to train for a marathon? I mean a full 26.2 mile marathon.?

From an ex All state distance runner you will want to jump toward the front of the pack on the hill, running up the hill slower will hurt your long term goals in the race. Jumping to an early lead or front of the pack will give you an advantage and since the rest of the course if relatively flat you can cruise your way to victory. I hope this helps!

Best way to run a 5k that starts with a steep uphill?

train on hills, try to keep a steady pace even if your time slows down you can make up for it on the downhill and don't speed up on the hill.

runners world has great hill work out and tip on how to run hills in races. go to their website and search races on hills

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