Am training for Phoenix marathon, it's been too snowy to train my final 24 miles. Will I still make it?


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for most training programs they do not even recommend you run that far while training, if you have gotten 1-2 20 miles runs in you will be fine

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If you've had one run of 20 or more miles, you'll more than be ok. Trying to "make up for it" at this point would just make you fatigued going into the race; as long as you've kept to your traing otherwise, you'll do great!

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I agree with the folks above - if you have a couple of long runs under your belt, you'll be fine. Consider going to a gym and cross training for a few hours if you are antsy - treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc. Just don't stress, and remember to taper - don't try to do a 24 mile run 2-3 weeks before the marathon.

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