Are any of you going to run the 2007 MIAMI MARATHON.?

i am from the Dominican Republic and i will be in Miami at the end of the month to run the race


Please Help!!!! Track and Field Question?

I'm running the ING Georgia Marathon in 2 months. Good luck with yours. Miami is a bit too humid for me.

Help in running 800m?

No. But I live in Sydney, Australia. A bit too far for me..

I think nike do the best spikes what about you?


Do runners take sport supplements? if so which one's should I take or focus on?

krazy if uwere

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No, Nike All Womens in San Franciso in November

I have toe injury on big toe for last 6 months?

No way Jose! Florida races become far too humid. I'll stick to either Arizona, Colorado, NM or Utah; especially in long a 26.2 mile marathon race. :+(

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