Anyone run track? I have a question...?

I signed up for track last week and found out that the first practice was Next monday. Just one question... What does the coach have you do on the first practice?


Hop & Step ( Triple Jump )?

I have been running Track for 4 years, the first day is mostly easy because most of the people are out of running shape. You don't need to be pushed too hard your first day.

I have made it to state for the 800m and the mile. One thing that helped me get better and faster were hills.

How many minutes or hours should you run each day?

bend over

Now check this out im a 5"8 145 pound CB/WR and my hands are great and my routes but NO speed : 5.2-4.9 HELP!!

well, if ur doin like the 300 meter run, hes prolly gonn ahve u run. duhh...and if ur doing like the long jump, then he'll prolly have u work on jumping and getting the steps down. but i would say the first thing he's gonna do is either strech or talk to you

Michigan 400 meter dash record?

do different field events
run some more
jump hurdles

I Need advice on Block starts/starts in general (sprints/mid-distance)?

have a talk, probably some stretches, we had to learn "speed dynamics" where you did some silly looking hops and jumps up and down the hall but they were good for you...maybe give you the weeks schedule...good luck and have fun! I loved 4x4 n 4x8!

I'm running a 10K soon. Is it better to slow down when running up a hill or speed up?

run? just an educated guess.

Why does my left shin burn while I run?

Most coaches don't expect too much from newcomers on their first day. They'll put you in with whatever group they think you'll be able to keep up with (a slow one) and gradually, by the first meet, at least, they'll gague how good you are, how dedicated, promising, etc, and THEN they'll start pushing you to do better. Don't sweat it. Just do the plyo's, no matter how dorky they make you look.

Tips for pacing, endurance, and the 800m run?

nothng really

I really want to figure out how many miles my running route is, does anyone know of a website that does this?

usually just run a little bit and go over everything. you should start running now if you havent yet

I need some advice?

usually the coach tells you what he expects of you then you do basic and easy running the first day is usually nonthing at least where i come from

How fast can you run in 3 km?

Don't worry. The first day is usually moderate running and the second intense because the coach wants to root out the weak links, but after the first week it should be normal. I joined cross-country this year for the first time, having never run more than a mile at a time (for gym, of course). I ended up with a 20 minute 5 kilometer time (3.1 miles).

Whats the best running shoe out of these ?

we do speed work the first day& some field events if we want.

Am i good enough?

The first practice is usually an assessment for to see what I have and what events I have to make workout plans for. I have my kids come fill out a questionnaire so i know which events they want to run, find out if they've ever done the event before if so what was their result in it, how dedicated/serious they are or is this just a way to get out of classes (so my time isn't wasted) and do I have enough to make relay teams and who I will be weeding out.
After that is out of the way I put them in event groups and have them run a few warm up laps, and stretching. Then depending on how long that took I may do some event specific drills (eg lead leg/trail leg hurdle drills, for sprinters A skip, B skip etc)
I then do a warm down jog with again more stretching(don't want tehm sore the next morning depending on what had the do and their abilities) Then I set the practice schedule for all practices. I usually do day 1.track events like sprints/hurdlers , day 2 mid-distance, I have the cross country coach do the distance kids, day field (long/high/triple) day 4 is throws and then day 5 an areobic session with everyone. in the early season weights are done on the days your events are not practicing

How long is a 6k run in miles?

First they tell you what your going to do over the next few trak practices and meets. Then they have you run a little. Next they give you a bunch of papers telling you what time track practices and meets are, then after all the talking is done you might go to a wight room and lift or go running.

Why do blacks run so fast?

it depends on your coach, school, level (frosh/novice/varsity). You will probably run slowly while working on your form.

Running cramps?

has you run time trials to see what he wants you to run in meets. you'll probably run a mile a 400 and a 100 meter.

What are some good women's running shoes that you would recommend?

Our coach has us run 400s just to see if we can do it. Probably just to see if we have really been running. Its not too hard though.

My 40-time is horrible!?

The first day of track is similar to the first day in a new class. Most of it is "House Cleaning" as our coach calls it. Your coach might make you do a short warm-up, some drills and then something easy like a short hill workout and then a cool down lap. It mostly depends on your coach though.

How can I get 2 miles under 13 minutes?

not much just easy stuff tring to figure out what every body events are

Just a few quick question for all you runners out there. I just need a few opinions.?

well you should certainly wear your track shoes. he should try to get to to know you, find out your capabilities and how to improve your times during the course of the season.

Wat should i do to increase my speed in running?

On my first day of track, the coach cut me some slack. Mostly, they try to figure out if you're a thrower, a jumper, a sprinter or a long distance runner. Or if you already know what type of thing you are, you start out with that section of track and field. They also go over the track program, telling you when there are meets and the practice schedule.

Don't sweat it: the coaches don't give you hard stuff right away on the first day. Just make sure you don't show off to the people who have already been going to track for a long time- you're the rookie. Play it cool a bit and be friendly. GOOD LUCK!

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