Breathing question?

How should one breath when running? Some tell me to breath through the nose and out through the mouth, but breathing with mouth only seems fine.


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As long as you get full breaths and you aren't panting then it is fine. The only reason they suggest that you breath in your nose out your mouth is so you get a full breath. Just be conscious of how you are breathing and it doesn't matter how you do so.

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my nose is always stuffy so i breath through my mouth and everything is ok

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well your breathing partterns always differ from how long the distance is. If it is cold out side and your throat is freezing, take a few breaths through your nose. This will also help if you need help catching your breath. Breathing through your nose and out your mouth is easier than in mouth and out nose. There is not as much pressure if you breath through your mouth. If you are having a hard time breathing during your run, then take deep breaths and hold for a second. If that doesn't work then just slow your pace down and take it easy til you catch your breath. Good luck.

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it really does not matter how you breath just make shure to get a lot of air into you and it may help your speed go up.

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Well being a keen runner my self iv'e always breathed in with nose and out, but thats why you also have a mouth. What ever siuts you. some times with stuffy noises this can be a problem thats why people use the mouth.

Its all about the correct rythem for you, every 1 is different. mones in noise and out noise or sometimes out mouth when im really fatigued

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Breathing in through the nose is better because it allows the air to be filtered and warmed by your nasal passages. Breathing through the mouth is, however, less restrictive so you inhale and exhale air faster. This is why many suggest to breathe in through the nose and out the mouth. Sometimes if you are gasping for air, the only option is to also breathe in through the mouth.

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I try to breath through my nose because breathing through my mouth sometimes makes my mouth really dry really fast and when I need some more air; a deep inhale with my mouth but thats just me

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I've always been told to breath in and out through my nose while running, but some people have problems with that. As a result, I am also an advocate of breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. It just seems more comfortable, and gets the air through quicker, in my opinion. Also, breathing slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth is really good way to deal with any stomach cramps you may get while running.

Most people won't breath in through their mouth while running because it dries it out quicker, and that's really annoying. But in the end, it's all about personal preference, and what will give you enough air to keep on running.

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just breath through your mouth, or whatever is easiest. some people say in through the nose out through the mouth will get rid of a cramp, but it never worked for me. The key is to get as much oxygen in as possible, this will help your legs not feel so tired.

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You should breathe through both. It's important to breathe through your nose, but that allows only minimal oxygen intake which is why you need to use your mouth also.

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It is important to breathe through one's nose while running. The nose acts to heat and humidify the air you breath. If this does not occur in the nose then it must occur in the lower airways. This will then dry out the secretions in your trachea and this can induce a bronchospasm and make it more difficult or impossible to breathe. Also, if the air is not heated before it reaches the trachea, then the lower airways must compensate. Therefore you increase your energy consumption, which takes away from the energy you want to use to run.

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You and your body determines the means by which you breathe; in its native wisdom, it knows best how you are to breathe. The mouth, however, allows the greatest mass of oxygen and is the most resonant and rhythmical relative to the energy expenditure. Bear in mind that running is foremost spiritual and breathing has to do with more than just taking in oxygen.

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