40 year old male, annual company athletic meet coming up in 9 months time, events I would love to participate?

100m,200m sprints, shotput.weigh 72 kgs ,175 cms, fastwalk 3.5 kms daily. non hypertensive and nondiabetic. Please suggest specific training workoutsfor the above events.


RUNNERS HELP! I just started running again for the first time since last Oct. I am hacking up chest...?

Morning walk three to four days 1 km and increase every 2 to 4 weeks
Afterwork Treadmill warm up and work up to about ten minutes running if you can.
Dips throw weighted ball if you have someone to train with you
lie down and lift upper body and arms out and circle them forwards and then back wards. I think i look like a bird about to take off when I have to do it.

What workouts n stuff should i use with my stregnth shoes, also are they worth it?

For the sprinting I do 2 laps of track then stretches. Followed by high knees, butt kicks, lunges, bounding, and a few other i forgot the name of. Then i would do say 120 meter sprints x 8 with a 8 min break in between each run.

This is all done say 3 times per week and you would just change the 120 meter sprint for some 100's and 200's depending on what you need... endurance or power.

Also when this is complete at the end of each session i do situps x 100 push ups x 50 and some flys with a light weight.
dead lifts are also important and most of all.. squats. This will give you power.

You need to decided what works best for you and how to organise your workout but this is what i normaly do throught the year with some diffent workouts that coach gives me.

Good luck!

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