Am I a good runner?

I ran 10 miles easy today in 63 minutes. I have went 4:12 in the 1600 and 9:02 in the 3200. Am I a decent runner? I'm also 19 years old. Do you think I'll be able to run a 27 minute 10k and go to the Olympics someday?


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You are more than just a decent runner. You are an excellent runner. However, only the very, very best make it to the Olympic Games. I am not saying that you won't make it to the Olympics, I am just saying that it is going to take a lot of work, sacrifice, perserverance and courage to get there. Yes, a 27 minute 10K is totally doable.

Go for it, my friend. I really wish you the best.

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Hell Yeah better than me! I run 1 mile in 12:42 Great HUH?

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You would have to consistently run about a 4.35 minute miles to do so. Do you think you could run 4 minute miles for 6 miles? Good luck. I mean Good Luck, not sarcastically, but Good luck in your effort to try and go to the Olympics. My friend was on the row team a few years back. Its a great experience.

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Wow. that is a great time. You are very young and definitely haven't reached your peak yet. You have a ways to go to reach that 27 minute mark but to answer your question, yes you are a very decent runner

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that is a great time,,keep it up and you should make it

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Its a good time, but maybe not enough for the Olympics. My friend runs a 4:14 for the 1600 and he is only 16 years old. Competition is tough, and the only way to get better, as you know, is to practice like hell. You could make the olympics, but you must have an intense desire for it.

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For your age you are decent. For the Olympics your 1600 needs to be about 3:50 and 3200 should be 8:40. You aren't too far away from doing a 27 min 10K. To be honest, however, you are not "great". I personally know several 17-18 year olds who are faster. Max O'Donahugh-MacDonald ran 4:14 recently to start his senior season of track. In XC season he breezed through a 15:25 5k. Nectaly Barbossa ran 4:10. In college these guys will be amazing. I would say you are good enough, but can improve.

jerry, it isn't 1988 anymore and those times won't quite cut it nowadays since high schoolers are beating those times regularly.

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Okay. This is not some build up your self esteem blog. You must be joking if you do not think you are a good runner. If you have any affiliation with the running world whatsoever then you would know you are a good runner. So, in terms of going to the Olympics, you can definitely make it to that level with a lot of practice. Many runners are at that level but never go to the Olympics. Make sure to either join a running club or run in high profile races in order to become noticed by the Olympic team.

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