400m sprint: 48 secs. if he didnt fall?

aint that crazy? tonight i had a meet and my friend (hes a great runner) was running so fast he passed out, fell, got up, and finished the last 20m. if he hadnt have fallen his time wouldve been like 48. it was insane! hes pretty banged up =[


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That's a good time. Last year in the Colorado High School State Championship the 400m race was won by the 200m National champion with a time of 45! He was amazing! Oh yea and his 200 time was 20.9.

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My friend used to run so hard that at the end he would throw up. If he threw up, he knew it was a good run.

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that is insane to get back up and actually finish the race! 48sec wouldve been amazing!
that happened to me in the 200m dash and when i was trying to break the school record.

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that's happened to a lot of ppl i know. but a time like 48 seconds is sick. good luck this season

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that is an insane time on the 400 he will be a very good runner in the future, i blacked out in 1600 when i had a 150 yard lead when i was trying to break our school record, i came back to again with my coach screaming at me to get up and finish when i noticed where i was and wat was happening i got up and finished i ended up on the ground less then 10 feet from finish when i fell, and the person in 2nd place didnt even no i fell, it was only a 100 yard lead finish on that race

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is there even a question here? Anyway that is pretty crazy. A lot of runners exert themselves to the point of passing out, but it is generally better to do it at the end of the race. At my school there used to be a guy who would pass out as he crossed the finish line in every XC race.

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dannnnnnng, i wish i could run a 48. well im sure he'll have more chances to race this year.

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