400m race help please?

I am not a very good runner or fast, wait, no, I am extremely slow. I have to run the 400 in the meet this thursday (unless my shin still hurts). my time is 1:28 and I'm a girl in 8th grade. SLOWWW. does anyone have any tips on how to run more efficiently or faster. I know that I'm not going to do very well anyway, but I would like to not lose by a lot, like 30 seconds.


How long is?

Well it is kinda hard to drop your time down a lot in a few weeks. I would say that you should run your first 100 fast. I mean about 90% of a full sprint. the next 150m coast at about 80-85%. As from about 250-300m began to pick up speed, and make sure that when you come off of the last turn that you use that to help you sling shot around and gain more speed. The last 100 give it all you got, trust me this is going to hurt more than anything, but this is where winners rise to the top. If you stay with this race it is going to put you through more mental and physical pain that you ever though possible, but the rewards for doing this race are great. Trust me many people stay away from the 400 because it is to hard for them, this is all I ran in high school and I loved it. If you need more help send me an email I can help you with anything that has to do with sprints.

Also lane one sucks! Try and get lane 3-5. If you look at the best runners they are always wanting 3-5. One more thing remember to hug the line at all times. If you run the curve on the outside of you lane you are going to end up running about 44 feet more.

Please don't listen to Jared you can't switch lanes in the 400m race. If you take 3 steps out of your lane you may get DQ.

What is the best thing?

Umm.. you gotta train your legs very hard, or say your shin still hurts.

4X100m relay times?

Actually, that's not a bad time for an 8th grader. i'm in the 9th, i run every day, and i cant even get below 1:00!! race day, be sure to warm up, and focus on this lap. for pace, dont blow off all of your energy in the first half.

when you are on the first straight you should feel horrible. dont slow down, and be sure your stride is good and long.
now hug the curve with 60% of what's left in you.
the straight to the finish you have to give all of what's left.
The best of luck to you.

Please help!?

remember to keep your breathing regular. and of course, lots of carbs, and water before the meet. In the 800, I usually pick someone about my speed that I want to stick with, and then don't let myself fall behind them. I think it helps to have something to focus on like that. If it turns out that they are too slow, you can pour it on in the last 150-200 meters.

Why do you run?

You should stretch everyday and what helped me be a better runner was practicing and i look at the ground when i run it helps me run faster i dunno how but it does.You should try it.1:28 isnt that slow either.

How should I train for Cross-Country?

i'm in the 8th grade to dang i didn't know we had a track meet that early but back to you maybe the best thing is that you talk to your coach and ask him can you do long distance i mean 1:28 is kinda bad to do the 400m usually i and other people get like 46 sec

Does wrapping medical tape around your shoes/ foot help you run any better at all? or what does it do?

The first thing I would do is THINK POSITIVE. It may sound trivial, but all of those low expectations you have will ultimately be fulfilled because you don't expect that much from yourself. Running requires training and preparation, but if you raise your expectations and line up wanting to give it your all...you may just surprise yourself. As for the race itself, take the first 100m brisk, then turn it on after that...pump your arms straight at your sides, and do not let any negative thoughts creep into your thinking...find a positive phrase and repeat it to yourself. Best of luck!

- Mike

Can anyone reccomend a good gps watch for running. And why ?

that really isn't too bad. If you train you should be able to lose time and be real good. my suggestion.

Go out fast, when your about halfway done and start to feel really tired, just run through it and make sure you PUMP YOUR ARMS!! the faster your arms move the faster your legs will.

Track shoes on paved tracks? or just unpaved ones?

i like to go about 90 percent the first 200 then balls out the next 200. u might want to ask your coach about your form too.

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i'm runniing the 400 at a meet this thursday

but i'm in 9th grade


our coach makes us run 500's

so when we run the 400 we'll be faster and it'll seem easier

i just run my heart out and do the best i can

but i have'nt done a 400 yet

my best 500 time was 1:48

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