Best track sneakeR?

Question:whats the best track sneaker for me? I have run distance in the past, im going to switch my events to hurdles and possibly some sprints. However, my coach will still probably throw me in some distance races when im needed so since im in all these is there like a universal type of shoe?
The distance shoes I have now are really old, so i wouldnt want to use them.


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If you're meaning a shoe for the meets, yes, you can use the same spikes; you might (key word here...) have to switch the spikes themselves for different races (sprints verses long distance) but I highly doubt it. I raced in Nike Zoom and loved them. Not sure if they still make that exact pair but Nike has a great line of light weight durable (they lasted me 4 years!) spikes. As far as training shoes; that's a totally different story but again, you can use the same for all events to train. If you like Nike's- great- they are for a more narrow foot though. I was quite happy with Asics which are a wider more neutral shoe. They have better cushion and stability. Anywho- you'll need both spikes and a training running shoe in order to train and compete. Training shoes are much to heavy to compete in (I feel personally) although some long distance runners did use them (say for the 3200) but I preferred the spikes because they gave me grip and were SO much lighter for the race.

Hope that helps and good luck with your season!

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get fitted at an actual running store. they will make sure you get shoes that support your feet in the right places and what not.

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