Asics vs. New Balance?

Which is better? What is the difference?


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In each shoe brand there are quite a few different shoes and different price points. It is really impossible to just compare brands, since you have such a variety within each brand. I can tell you a couple things from my experience, though:

I have a pair of older Asics GT2080. They are very soft and light, and as an older runner, those shoes helped me to run more often and faster because they felt so good and were easier on my legs. I personally like a shoe with a soft heel area.

We also have a pair of New Balance in the family. My son did cross country last year, and we got him a pair. We also got him a pair of Adidas shoes, because we thought he would wear out the NB. Well, the Adidas are still in the box, and the NB are the shoes he wears every day to run AND to school. They still look pretty good, so I can agree that they are a very durable shoe. One other thing about them: they are wide inside, and orthotic arch supports fit real well in them. My son had some arch problems, so we got a pair of supports, and they fit right in and work great. The Adidas were narrower inside.

So that is our experience. Make sure you try both on, and get a shoe that is big enough that your feet have some room! Don't worry if the size doesn't match your size that you buy for a dress shoe...sneakers are a different animal, made in many, many countries. I'm wearing a pair that is 2 1/2 sizes bigger than my dress shoe, and they feel great.

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Shoes are such an individual choice, it's hard to give a definitive answer. Personally, I've had luck with both brands...both are reputable manufacturers and make good products. I also like a lot of Nike's products because I have a neutral & narrow foot. Asics seems to be made more for a wider foot (in general). And New Balance makes durable shoes, but they're heavier because of it. Try them on and get the one that works best for YOU...everyone's different. Best of luck.

- Mike

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I personally like the Asics better because they are lighter and are more cushiony. Having said that, I finished a marathon in NBs.

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They both offer great shoes. Any good running shop will let you jog down the side walk and back to determine which shoe best fits. Narrow down the shoes to a few and then give them a spin.

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I did a back to back Marathon in my asics. I had no leg or feet issues. But it is an individuals choice. I would suggest getting a gait analysis. they will show you many shoes that are the best for you.

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Asics are the BEST! I love them. My New Balance's gave me crazy blisters...Asics are much better, at least for my feet.

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I ran on NB for years, and then tried Asics... never
went back to NB after that first pair of Asics gels
in 1984, and still running 23 years later. Besides
the fact that they seem to strike the best "balance"
(no offence to NB), I like the corporate philosophy
of the company and how it was formed... ASICS
in case you didn't know is short for the Latin:
"Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" which means
A sound mind in a sound body.

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Both are durable, asics are lighter than new balance and are more rigid. I have worn Asics for the last 5 years and have been running for 15 years. My father has been running for over 30 years and also wears Asics. He has higher arches and a narrow foot while I have lesser of an arch and a medium width. My mother also wears asics but only walks. She has very wide feet and bunions.point being, they seem to fit every foot size/shape and type across the board.

Hopefully that person information helps you.

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