Am I getting ostheoarthritis?

I recently started running longer distances and now my knee is feeling really funny . While I was running If I ran to fast I would get this feeling in my legs like it was kind of asleep. Is this a big deal or is it just nothing? It was a longer run than usual which I took by accident due to the fact that it was a golf coarse and I severly underestimated its size


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It really depends on your age and your history with sports- if you're 20 I would say probably not but I don't know how old you are. If you had an injury to your knee in the past then yes, you could develop osteoarthritis. Your best bet would be to visit an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine doctor to have them check it out. They can look at x-rays and determine if you are developing osteoarthritis or not and if you need a scope to clean things out.

Hopefully that helps. I figure better to be safe than sorry!

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it could be but not likely. it sounds a lot more like you overworked yourself. rest or u'll really have joint problems.

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The answer is no! Explanation Because u recently strated running longer distance u r not practiced befour. so u get feeling when u run fast without training.u do 1st start running small dist and slowly increase the dis afterwords u dont feel this porblem in u r legs

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sounds to me like you just weren't in shape for that kind of distance. say you run 7 miles per day on your distance days. if you go out there and run 13 miles, it's only natural for your legs to feel that way.

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