What's a good website to find races such as 5ks, 10ks, or 5milers?

I want a site that has a lot of races and possibly one that can find races close to your zipcode or city.


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If there are any running clubs in your area, try their website(s) for a racing calendar. If you're not sure if your area has a club, check the Road Runners Club of America website at http://rrca.org/ and click on the Clubs link near the top of the website. Also try Active at http://www.active.com/ and click on the Individual Sports link. You can search by zip code and type of event.

Happy Running!

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I run a lot of races, and the two I rely on the most are at Active.com (see link #1) and Running in the USA (see link #2).

At Active.com, you can find the list of events just by putting in your zip code. However, you also get a lot of training programs, so you have to weed them out.

The Running in the USA website does not narrow it down to the zip code, but it does narrow it down to the state, month, and some race types. Also, I find it easier to use.

You should check out both of them to see which one suits you best. I noticed that pretty much all of the major races are listed on both sites, so it doesn't really matter which one you use.

Good luck on your races~!

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I use www.active.com. It's great but as was stated above you may have to weed through some training programs.

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