Can I run 2 miles in 15:30?

I need to run 2 miles in 15:30 for a police program. I have been sick the past week and went running today (im gradually stepping up) 6 laps (1.5 miles) in 18 minutes. If I shoot for 6 laps in 15:30 and then step up to 7 laps in 15:30 and so on will I make it in 2 months?


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I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone, and only to you because of the special circumstances such as you described.

I assume you have had doctor's checkup and physical clearance to do HARD physical activity: and are recovered from your sickness completely. If not, STOP HERE.

Every week has 1 day of the week no running, just stretching or weight room type exercise. Do not run more than 6 days without 1 day off. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE TO SKIP A DAY DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT UP. Just continue the plan.

Week 1: Jog 2 miles every day no matter how slow you do it. Even if you have to walk during the run, complete the 2 miles.

Week 2: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

2mi 2 mi 2 mi Speed 2mi 2mi

Week 3-7: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

2mi speed 2 mi speed 2mi 2mi

Days indicating "speed" jog 2 laps, then run 4 100 yard repeats fast but very controlled. Start slow at first. Walk the curves & recover, then run the next 100 yards. End with 1 lap jog to cool down. Stretch before and after every workout.

Final week preparation: Run day minus 6: easy jog 6 laps
RD-5: easy jog 5 laps. RD-4: easy jog 4 laps. RD-3 easy jog 2 laps. RD-2: easy jog 1 lap. RD-1: stretch carefully no running.

Day of Run: Run time minus 4 hours: Eat meal of pancakes, but no greasy stuff like sausage. Continuously sip water to insure proper hydration. Take every oportunity to go to the bathroom especially before the run. Stretch and prepare 15 minutes before the run. Do 4 or 5 casual 25 yard jogs, resting in between.

Memorize your lap splits: something like 1:56 per lap. I like to start slow say maybe the first 2 laps at 2 minutes each, then 6 laps at 115 seconds (1:55). Your lap splits would then be:

120 seconds

Any funny feelings, discomfort, dizziness, pain, whatever, STOP and get attention. Good Luck

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i say you can do anything you put your mind to. i am a figure skater so i apply the same thinking to my elements on ice. you just have to practice 24/7 and you have to do what ever it takes to reach your goal even if that means making some sacrifices.

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its a possibillity but a 100 to 1 shot. good luck with it.

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If you have 2 months to train, you can almost definitely make it. As long as you keep training and constantly push yourself, and watch your diet, I'm confident you can make it.

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its possible just practice the mile and when you it starts getting really hard to improve do a 2 mile run and try to pace yourself about 45 secs slower then you mile time you should be able to make it if you put your mind to it. GOOD LUCK

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Your current pace is a 24 minute 2 mile run. A 9 minute reduction in 2 months sounds like one hell of a challenge. If you just started running, you'll have a better chance than if you have been a habitual runner.

Best advice is to run every day. Twice a day if possible. Keep timing yourself.

It sounds like you already have a good handle on personal goals. The gradual approach with smaller steps is definitely a way to keep you motivated. Small victories will lead to overall success.

Unfortunately, with the amount of time you have....there will be no substitute for putting in quite a bit of time and hard work into running.

Who may pick up running as a healthy habit.

Good luck.

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I would see why not but I would suggest that you consider doing a couple of things:

1) Jump on a treadmill and set 1/4 mile times that must be met with a built in rest period.
2) Do the same thing on an a track for self-pace purposes.

Example: Set interval marks to meet a 1/4 mile at 1:30 with a 30 second rest (slower paced jog). Doing this will help you train your pace, with the treadmill being a forced pace to have to keep up.

Some other pointers are to keep your head up with your line of sight focused above your regular line of sight. Mentally, this helps you understand you are going somewhere faster. Looking down at your feet while running will slow your pace. Control your breathing with deep inhaling thru your mouth and exhale thru the nose.

This is my personal advice from a competitive soccer player - its how I used to train for 12 min 2 mile fitness tests. Hope it helps.

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I have health problems and I ran 2 miles in 12 minutes. You will be fine homie. :)

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Good job man. Remember it's the quality of running verses the quantity of running. And remember resting, taking days off, is just as important as training days.

Change up your workouts. Basically, do speed work one day. This is best done on the track. Do things like 4x 100, 4x 200, 4x 300, 4x 400, etc.. at a fast pace with warm-downs of the same length between reps. For example, do 4 - 100 meter sprints and job 100 meters in between. Same with the 4 - 200 meters, etc. etc..

Take the next day off to recover. Next run will should be a tempo run. Do a mile warm-up and then 2 miles at the pace faster then your warm-up pace. Then do another mile warm-down.

Take the next day off from running. Your next run should be a longer run (try 3 to 5 miles) at a nice comfortable pace.

If you have a bike or access to a pool, do a workout on another day with one or the other. And run a mile or two for the fifth day at a comfortable pace. You'll be in shape in no time if you stick to it. Great way to meet chicks too! ;)

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i just want to tell you congrats and i hate you...weight seems to melt off of men thats not sure you can work your way up to that point within the next couple of weeks if you do it everyday and increase your speed to what you can handle

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I think you can. Usually if you set your mind to a goal before a race you can acomplish it. I usually shoot for around 14 mins when running 2 miles so I would think you could get 15:30 if not less time!

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