Are pumas good for running?


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My friend who is very very very close to getting a 4 minute mile in 8th grade runs in pumas. I run in the Nike Rival MD track shoes. The pumas my friend runs in are a bit lighter than my Nike's but don't offer the same traction. I have seen him pull off a 5:03 in his pumas and when I lent him my shoes he ran a 5:05. His best was in the Adidas Cosmos at 5:02. Overall the Pumas should be fine for running just make sure that you know that they are made for running and not auto racing.

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It really depends on the shape of your feet and how you run to really answer that question.. but in general.. i would say not..
Ive ran track & cross country for my school.. and for me.. nike and asics have done their job .. but I would suggest to go to a local shoe store and see if you can maybe run around the store with a shoe on to see how comfertable you are with the shoe..

If you have a flat foot be sure to get a shoe that has a high arch in the sole.. it should feel a little bigger than normal (the arch) if that is your case..

if you have a high arch in your foot then I would suggest New Balance or another running shoe that doesnt have a high arch support.. but more of.. i guess a normal arch support.. Remember.. with running.. especially if you are running distance, you need to make sure you have the right shoe.. otherwise you can end up with shin splints, and a bunch of other leg problems.

I know there is a store here where i live that they actually ask you to run on a tredmill so they can see how you run, how your feet land, etc. so they can find the best shoe for you .. so.. try and see if you can find a store like that around you, if not.. Id at least try and ask if you can run around the store to see how well they are with your feet.

Another thing to factor in is what you are going to be running..

for distance -- i would suggest a shoe that is more for the comfort of your feet.. (meaning they weigh more and endure more)

for sprinting on a track... i would suggest light weight running kleets.. every bit counts.. including how heavy your shoes are..

usually when you get running shoes its says something about the event its supposed to be ran in.. whether it be 100 meters or 2 miles. ( or more.. for cross country perhaps )

but -- I really wouldnt suggest pumas... ahah... I think those are more for just style than anything.. but.. everyone has different views... for all you know.. they could be the best shoes you can get your hands on for running.. it all depends on your feet, how you run, and what you are running

I hope this helped :D

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hell yeah! i run in those all the time. Their light, they give u foot, arch, and ankel support!

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I have a pair of pumas that i use for running, but i got them at a running shoe store, there pretty nice, a little heavy but i need arch support so i cant get light ones.

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yes if u go to they have shoes designed just for running with spikes and stuff. and they arnt extremely expensive

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