Can i gain endurance in 3 weeks?

Question:1.Is it possible, and if yes, how?

2. i sometimes feel my skin itch all over after running a long distance. How can i prevent this?


The race to run the first sub 4 minute mile?

Depends on your age. When I was 20, I went from not running at all to running a marathon in three and a half months. When I was thirty, it took eight months to do the same thing. You should be able to improve but three weeks isn't much time. Be persistant but you must rest some days! You should be able to be ready for a 10 k in three weeks.

The itching is from your capillary veins getting flooded with blood (this is a good thing, not a bad thing) when you're not yet in shape. This is common and when they itch, they are healing. I had that a lot and it's normal for a few weeks, then you get used to it and don't feel it anymore.

Training for the mile?

1. I would assume it would be possible; I've managed to do it and so have others I know. Just go either a little harder or a little longer every time you work out.

2. I can't guarantee about this, but it could be due to sweat. Make sure your clothing breathes well so perspiration doesn't accumulate as much. If you run on a treadmill inside, a fan might help too.

Any tips for track?

i use to be a long distance runner, i think its possible as long as you practice everyday and keep a fixed phase just add speed once in a while
about your skin, i didn't experience it. maybe you're skin is just tightening because of working out.

Middle distance track?

1. Absolutely. My understanding is that three (3) weeks is the normal amount of time it takes for your body to adapt to new demands you place on it, i.e. it becomes more efficient.

2. This has happened to me, particularly if its chilly out. I think its a combo of windburn and dry skin. This may sound odd, but try rubbing a thin layer of Vaseline on your skin before you run. Works for me.

I really need an anwer!?

You can increase your stamina & endurance over three weeks, but not drastically. The key would be to have a proper amount of rest mixed in there, too.

As for the skin irritation, try something for anti-chaffing like Body Glide or Vasaline. It's also a possibility that you're having an alergic reaction of some sort, so keep an eye on it and notify your doctor if the hives are severe or impact your breathing.

the link below has tips on improving running performance. Best of luck!

- Mike

Beginner runner...?

Just run like 6 miles a day if you got time. 3 miles in morning 40 minutes, then at night. put lotion on to stop itch and waer really loose clothes

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