Where is a good place to get running shoes?

my friend told me there is a store that will size each individual foot is this true ? where?


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Use your phone book to find a local running store. They will watch you run and get you the right shoe. Are you a pronator? Rigid or floppy-foot? Are you a neutral runner? If you don't know what I mean, you need to go to a running store! It amkes a huge difference.

So the phone book or internet search with your city will do the trick.

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Rebok, Nike, or anywere that sells runnign shoes (Duh)

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Try finding a store that caters specifically to runners. Bring your current running shoes if you already have a pair so that they can evaluate how they fit on you and how you're wearing them out.

At a good store, they'll watch you run around a bit to evaluate your stride and form and they'll recommend a few different shoes for you to try. Although you'll probably pay a little bit more if you go to a dedicated running store, the service will be worth it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many brands (New Balance, Asics, etc) come in differnent widths. Good stores will measure both your length and your witdh.

Stay far away from Foot Locker, Sportmart, etc, unless you know exactly what you want. Also, these large chain stores rarely carry different widths.

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just go to Dick's

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depends on where you live. Here in austin TX, there are 2 stores. One is called caravelle(?)shoes and the other is called RunTex.

RunTex is a good place for anyone serious about running. RunTex is also a store that will size your foot and make sure you get the shoe that is best for you.

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Go to a store that specifically caters to runners. They will usually have competent runners working there who will have real world experience to guide you in your selection.

I would also try to find a store that has either a track or a treadmill in the store so they can watch you run and match your stride to your specific needs.

Here in DC there are quite few store that have one or the other. Potomac River Running has a treadmill with a video camera set up below your foot so you can see how you are contacting the pavement.

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Foot Locker or Nike.com

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Lots of running stores are cropping up these days that will try to find the "right" shoe for you. The best way to learn about them is to join a running group (e.g. half/full marathon training). Some can be extremely primitive like just having someone look at you as you run around a parking lot. Others will have fancy equipment that will look at your arch, gait, etc. All of these are helpful in narrowing down your perfect shoe, but only your foot knows for sure. Unfortunately, it takes a while for your foot to figure it out, which can take maybe three or four miles of continuous running.

Personally, I like to shop at Road Runner Sports. You can find a location near you at their website. At the store closest to where I live, they have lots of equipment to figure it out. The shoes they select (about three), however, can depend on who is running the equipment. It still seems like an inexact art. So, going there several times and having different employees make a call can be helpful. Once you find a shoe that you think you like, go ahead and buy them. They have a policy where you can return them after 60 days, even after you ran outside with them. To me, that's the best reason to go there. Plus, if you're in a running group, they give you a discount!

It took me two returns (Nike Pegesus and Asics Kayano) to figure out my perfect shoes (Asics 2120 for long runs, Asics GS-Trainers for short runs). I have nothing bad to say about the shoes I returned except that they just didn't fit quite right for my feet. Without the return policy, I can only imagine how long it would have taken me to find the right ones. Also, I would have kept going with the "bad" shoes because I already spent the money for them. Regardless, I keep going back there for the same shoes now.

Good luck and happy runnings!

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acadamy or sports authority :)

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I'd do one of two things.

1. Go to Google & type in "Running shoes" + your zip-code
2. Find out your foot type and go to a place like RRS (see link below for guidance).

A running speciality store can be really helpful in analyzing your foot, gait, etc... They can help you pick out a good shoe. You can also do some of these things yourself like the wet-foot test (see link). Once you find a shoe that you like, you can order them on-line or wherever you find the best deal. Hope that helps. Best of luck!

- Mike

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I am a huge runner and am huge into shoes. Your best choice is going somewhere like scheels or a special running store where someone can tell you exactly what you need. Find a employee who can tell you what kind of shoe you need, cushioning or arch support. I use Asics for running and they work great. Different brands vary for different runners. For example, Adidas's and Nike's arches are different and it can matter if you don't' have the right shoe. While Nike shox are amazing I would stick away from the elevation of them. Shoes like Asics are very cushioned and not as high as Nike Shox for example. I find that the higher the shoe the easier it is to sprain your ankle because you do not have as much control. Overall, find a good shoe store that can tell you what kind of foot you have and what shoe would suit you best.

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