What are the hardest 1/2 marathons in America?


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#1 on the hardest list would be the Pikes Peak Ascent. This is 13.1 miles up Pikes Peak. The race starts at about 7500 feet and finishes at 14,110.

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Boston because it's so early in the year, a hilly course and very cold usually.
And the National Championship because it's not always in the same place and there's all the added pressure, even worse in an Olympic year.

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Yeah, I would agree that Pikes Peak is definitely No.1. However, the Whiskey Row 1/2 in Prescott, AZ is a very difficult course also. Starts at 5450 feet downtown and rises to about 7850 feet at the approximate turn around and then it has mostly plenty of downhill coming back. Go out too fast and your legs will become toast early and all that downhill grade can be a killer on your quads!

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I would agree with Pikes Peak as the most difficult.

Theres also a nasty one in El Paso, Texas every year that goes over Trans-mountain road. You start around 3,500ft, then go up and over a 5,200ft range, all in a desert environment with temps around 100 degrees.

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