100 meter time??

ok,so today I ran a 100 meter dash in PE and I got about 14.4 on it. Although,the wind was bascially howling while we were running at [approx.] 10 to 15 miles an hour. how much do u think this affected my time??


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That much wind makes a lot of difference. The rules disallow times when the wind is more than 2 meters per second, which is about 4 mph. If it was behind you it helped, and if it was in your face, it destroyed your time. It is hard to figure how much it hurt, but it is a lot.

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not by much but with training and no wind you could prob get down to a solid 12-13sec which is resonably a good time

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maybe by 0.1 or 0.2. but that is a lot of time in the 100 meter.

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This probably affected your time a lot. it's hard to tell exactly how much it affected your time, but my best guess is that if altered your time about 0.5 seconds.

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