Should a long distance runner shave his legs?

ya, i'm a cross-country runner, and should i go through all the trouble of shaving my legs? I notice scratches and nicks on my legs every so often without ever knowing until after i finish my run, u think shaving would help? thanks, don


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Unless you're some hard core super runner, I wouldn't suggest it. When you're at the top of your game, you can do things like that- and no one questions you. When you're average (which isn't a bad thing!) people might just look at you weird. Bikers are more apt to shave their legs to keep their hair from catching in their bikes.

If it's just for the scratches, I mean, you'll get them either way- hair or not. And personally being a girl, I find it (A) kind of weird and (B) a pain in the butt! Trust me, there's nothing magical about it! I wish I didn't have to!

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Shaving isn't so much about the aerodynamics but more about the health of it (unless you are a sasquatch, then SHAVE IMMEDIATELY haha!).

If you should fall or get injured or cut on the leg during a run (God forbid), it is MUCH easier to clean out a wound on shaved skin. You also won't have problems with the hair getting stick to the bandaids or the wound itself.

It's personal preferrence. If you're liable to lose your footing or fall and you worry then go for it. Otherwise don't worry about it.

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Only if you are really a girl.

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No, it wont do anything. for yuor time.

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Shaving your legs makes you feel awesome. You will run faster because you feel faster. Its a mental game. I recommend shaving your legs. I'm not allowed to because my girlfriend won't let me.

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you can if you like. it will probabily help a little but i wouldnt worry about it too much.

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i would not, even though a couple of my teamates do (hard core guys who dont need it) b/c xc is a long sport. i hardly doubt that shaving your legs will take off seconds (mentally it might do something, but idk...) if this were swimming it would be a different story with the high resistance that hair gives but since its not i would have to say no. srry i rambled on for a while.

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don't do it. it won't affect your time much, and you are a boy.

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I wouldn't that is kind of wierd. I would only do it if I was a marathoner and running like 30 miles a day.

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Typically, cyclists and swimmers shave their legs. If you are a triathlete you can shave your legs as well. I don't think it will make you a faster runner or prevent scratches and nicks.

Do the other team members shave? If everyone else on the team is doing it, I wouldn't hesitate to try it. Otherwise, I think you should do whatever you want and not worry about popular opinion. If you feel like shaving, then shave, and if you don't feel like it, then don't. Do whatever makes you comfortable and everyone else can deal with it. If you decide you don't like it, it will grow back. But if you don't try it, you may always wonder what you are missing.

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No, shaving won't help, just try not to get hurt.

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