Can u always run long distance abt 8 to 9 miles on the hill. ?...will it make u strong ?


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Running long distances on hills definitely will make you a stronger runner, as they will strain your body much more than running on flat ground. As aforementioned, though, you should also run on downhills and flat ground to train the other muscles in your legs (as running uphill will not train some of the upper leg muscles as well as running downhill will).

Running such long runs on a predominantly uphill course will also increase the risk of injury, due to the increased stress on your body. I would suggest doing a longer run (10-12 miles) on a mixed course as opposed to 8-9 miles of all hills.

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running on hills will only make you strong at running more on hills b/c its working different muscles than your flat ground muscles... so itll make u stronger on hills thats about it.

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running on hills will make you stronger, but you should also run down hill and on flat land, because this will strenghten different areas.

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