Awkward pain in the right and left leg?

Question:I've been having problems with leg pain during track and I'm not sure what it is, or what it is caused by.

On my LEFT LEG- I have pain on the lower interior(near my ankle) and it hurts if I put pressure on it; including when I'm running. I'm guessing this is shin splints but I'm not clearly sure.

On my RIGHT LEFT (most important problem)- When I put pressure on this leg, my ankle hurts and the pain branches until it hits below the knee area. Most of the pain is, again, on the interior part of my leg. Then when I sprint, there is a pain in my butt, but its hard to tell where specifically it is.

HISTORY- I've broken my right leg and smashed my ankle. I had to get surgery on my ankle, and fractured three parts of my leg.

What should I do? And how do I get rid of it? I've been limping the past few days and haven't been able to run at all. Help please? Thank you! =]


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Your coach should have noticed you limping. I strongly urge you to consult your school's athletic trainer and also your doctor if the problem persists or gets worse.

For the pain in the interior part of your lower legs, yes that is shin splints. However, with your case, your right leg may actually have stress fractures since you broke it and there could have been some leftover cracks from before. Again, I urge you to go to your doctor/trainer.

For the left leg, that is just shin splints really. I had the same problem but it went away after a while. I mean, it never fully goes away, but it becomes duller and you get used to it. Just ice it when it gets especially bad or if you feel you should. Your trainer will probably tell you the same thing to just come in and ice it every now and then.

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See a doctor or athletic trainer.

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make sure you ice the areas and take advil. also talk to your coach, because he has probably had a lot of experience with people's injuries, and may have seen this happen to someone else. you should also go see your school's athletic trainer or go to the doctors.

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I agree with the first poster. Find a doctor--one that specializes in sports.

I hurt myself and one doctor told me to stop. Another one, whose wife is a runner--helped me out, and understood my dilemma. He wrote me a script so I could see her. After two physical therapy sessions with her--I did a 5K.

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Do you train on a treadmill? Incase you train on a treadmill & then switch over to track/road you are definetly gonna experience pain.

My suggestions.
* immediately stop training.
*Consult a good (sports)Doctor.
*Get yourself a good pair of runnin shoes(best fit).
*Start running on beach sand.
*Switch over to a slightly harder surface.

Considering you have fractured your ankle bones in the past, Im sure they arent very strong. You'll have to strengthen them if you want to prevent this from reappearing.

Good luck, hope you get back on the track as soon as possible.

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