I up get on 5 am ... then 15 min to 20min laters .. i going to run abt 7 to 8 miles ... then should i dink ..?


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I always drink water or a sports drink before every run. You want to stay hydrated during your entire run so that dehydration does not affect your run. In the morning, when it is cold, you feel less thirsty, even when your body starts becoming dehydrated, so drinking beforehand becomes more important.

If your stomach is sensitive, you may wish to drink as soon as you wake up so that you give your stomach some time to go partially through your system. Otherwise, you may have a full stomach that is bouncing around during your run, causing you discomfort or making you sick.

If you plan on running 7 or 8 miles, you may wish to carry a water bottle, especially if you're not used to going that long.

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