Any ideas for improving starts in a 60m, 100m, or 200m at?

It's at the middle school level, so we dont use starting blocks.


Running Pains/Flat Feet?

Speed ise not something you can get without focusing specifically on it. Plyometrics are the best exercises for training what are called your "fast twitch" muscles. these are the mucsles that help with explosive momements, like sprinting, jumping, and accelerating. A lot of the exercises focus around repetitive drills, like setting up boxes to a certain height, jumping on it and down as fast as possible for a minute, take 30 seconds off, then repeat several times. If you search plyometrics, there are tons of difficult exercises out there that really work and don't get boring

Hamstring trouble?

You can use a crouch start with out blocks. Have your best foot in the rear position. Place your other foot about 2 of your feet distance from the line and the best foot another foot back from that foot. Place your hands, resting on your thumbs and index, middle finger next to, but not touching the line. Place your hands so that they are slightly outside the width of your shoulders. Keep your elbows almost straight. You should be able to comfortable rest on your rear knee. Now roll forward and up. Your front knee should be at 90 degrees. Your rear knee between 150 and 170 degrees. Your back is straight and your rear end is higher than your shoulders. Relax your head let it hang down. Your shoulders should be above your hands with about 70% of your weight on your hands. When you go from the set position to the set position take a deep breath and hold it. When the gun is fired drive your hands fast and hard while pushing off of both feet. The hand opposite your rear leg should come up above your head and the other hand should come back. Now the rear foot comes forward because it was straighter than the front. Take a large step with the first step. Do not look up stay low and drive. You should transition to the standing upright position in about 8 to 10 strides. When you are upright and running keep your arms moving front to back not across your body. Bring your feet back in a pawing motion land on the balls of your feet. You do not pull yourself when running, it is pushing. Your stride length is long behind you, not in front of you. Stand up straight. Breath, Relax, Drive your arms. You can get a good start without blocks. This is much faster than standing.

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